Give your Visitors the Best Website Experience on any Device

When considering web design, UK businesses can’t ignore the fact that more websites are now viewed on mobile devices such as phones and tablets than on traditional desktop PCs. At Peak Online we recognize this shift in web browsing habits and design stunning websites that give every visitor the best experience on any size of screen. We provide responsive website design as part of our service and at no additional cost to you, so you can be sure that your potential customers can visit your website and do business with you online whenever and wherever they are.

With our Great Web Design

UK Businesses can Achieve

Online Success

Quality, reliability and performance sit at the heart of our web design services. We build our websites using WordPress; a proven platform that is trusted worldwide and can provide almost any feature or functionality you could possibly need. A sophisticated yet intuitive content management system (CMS), WordPress uses a convenient ‘plugin’ architecture that allows the website features you need to be implemented far more affordably than developing them from scratch. So you get a beautifully designed, robust website that can do whatever you want it to.

We Design Websites that

Evolve with your Business

The online business world is competitive and continually changing. When we design your website we’ll tailor it to your preferences to ensure that your customers receive the best impression and experience of your business straight away. But we also future proof our web designs, enabling you to add new features, functionality and capacity to your website as your business develops and grows.

Our Web Design Services Include

Templated and Custom WordPress Website Design

A quarter of the world’s websites are built using WordPress. Why? Because WordPress is perhaps the most flexible, versatile, cost effective and easy-to-use web platform currently available. When it comes to web design, UK business owners can rely on Peak Online to create responsive WordPress websites that look amazing and incorporate all of the features and functionality they need. 

Templated and Custom Magento Website Design

Adding the ability for customers to buy products and services from you directly via your website enables your business to grow sales anywhere in the world. Magento, a widely-used and trusted ecommerce platform, we can turn your website into a fully-fledged online store or booking system that can be accessed by customers anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Andriod and iOS Mobile App Development

Nowadays almost everyone uses apps on smartphones and tablets to do everything from shopping to reserving hotel rooms to banking online. Your company can join the mobile revolution, allowing customers to do business with you 24 hours a day, wherever they are, via your own dedicated app. Our expert developers can create apps that work both with Apple’s iOS and with Google’s Android platform.

WordPress Development

Can’t find precisely the right plugin you need for your WordPress website? No problem! Our expert WordPress developers can create custom plugins that deliver the exact features.

Magento Development

When Magento’s out-of-the-box features can’t meet your web visitors’ needs, Peak Online’s skilled Magento developers can help create the bespoke extensions or custom design.