From Website Creation to Digital Marketing 

Every Online Service You Need

Whether you need a new, innovative and great-looking website designed and built from scratch, want expert help with your SEO or online marketing strategies, require clever and compelling web content or would simply like someone to keep your digital world up-to-date and always performing at its best, Peak Online can help.

Here, conveniently gathered together in one place, you’ll find all of the online services your business needs in order to impress and engage a worldwide audience of potential customers.

Our Digital Services Include

Website Design and E-Commerce

WordPress, Magento, Development, Apps

If you haven’t the time or the technical ability to create a professional website for your business, we can help. Our custom design or templated services ensure that your website not only looks amazing but is built in accordance with the latest standards for outstanding performance, functionality and usability. We design our websites using WordPress and Magento, an easy-to-maintain Content Management System (CMS).

Digital Marketing

SEO, Social Media, Adwords, Emails

We offer an extensive range of online marketing solutions, each of which can help to raise awareness of your business, its products and services. We can expertly handle your Google AdWords campaigns, on-page and off-page SEO, email marketing and social media activities. Whether you choose just one online marketing strand or a combination of several, we’ll ensure that your business reaches the widest audience.

Maintenance and Support

WordPress, Magento, Updating, Security

You have more important things to do than worry about whether or not your website is up-to-date, functioning properly and delivering your visitors everything they’re looking for. With our affordable WordPress or Magneto maintenance and support services we can provide core, plugins, theme or extension updates. As needed and generally making sure that your website always performs at its best.

Website Hosting

Cloud, VPS, Dedicated, Domain Names

Whatever your hosting needs we have a fast, reliable and secure hosting solution which will fully meet your needs and your budget. We can help you to find and register a domain name that perfectly suits your business, and whether you’re looking for web-hosting, application hosting or both, you have the choice of our exceptional hosting platforms: cloud hosting, virtual Private servers (VPS) or your own dedicated server.

Graphic Design

Logo Design, Brochures, Banners, Images

Making the right visual impact can play a huge part in getting your message across to potential customers. With the help of our talented graphic designers, your business can benefit from strong, clear branding, or a simple yet memorable business logo. We can also design eye-catching banners and other promotional materials which will create the best and most professional image for your business.

Content Writing Services

Copywriting and Translations

Fresh, informative and engaging content is the lifeblood of any successful website. With our professional copy writing services you need never again worry about keeping your site up-to-date with high quality content that will attract new visitors and keep them coming back for more. Need translation? We can expertly re-write your copy in different languages including English, traditional and simplified Chinese and More.