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Graphic Design UK Websites

Stand out from the Crowd

For your online business to truly succeed you need a website that immediately creates a great impression with visitors, looks professional and builds your company’s credibility. If you’re no graphic designer, creating a beautiful, high-impact website is best left to the professionals at Peak Online. We’ll capture the essence, values and qualities of your business and translate them into graphic design for your website and promotional materials that will grab your visitors’ attention.

Peak Online’s Graphic Designers

Can Reduce your

Website’s Bounce Rate

Once visitors find your website you need to make sure they stay and look around. Two key elements that will help you achieve this are your logo and visual branding, and any graphical slideshows that illustrate your products and services. Our talented graphic designers can create professional company logos and slideshows that give your visitors the best possible first impression of your online business. Getting these important elements right can encourage potential customers to delve deeper into your website, and give them the confidence to do business with you instead of immediately ‘bouncing’ away to an alternative website.

Make a Lasting Impression

With Great Graphic Design

Customers can always spot a website that has been created using an out-of-the-box website builder tool or the same old stock images. Such websites lack credibility and don’t stand out from the crowd. Professional graphic design is what makes a website unique and appealing to customers. Peak Online’s talented graphic designers can give your website or promotional materials that visual ‘wow’ factor that grabs attention and gives you the edge over your competitors. Benefit from bold, eye-catching graphic design from Peak Online.

Our Graphic Design Services Include

Logo Design and Company Branding

Building a brand that is instantly recognizable, memorable and which creates positive feelings in the minds of customers is crucial to the success of your business. When choosing Peak Online for their graphic design, UK and international businesses of all sizes can rely on us to produce logos and branding that quickly connects with customers and sends the right messages.

Brochure Design

Even in this online age, not all of your prospective customers may be fans or users of the internet. This is where a well-designed promotional brochure can work wonders for your business. Choosing the best format and layout for your business, our experienced graphic designers can create a stylish brochure that beautifully showcases your products and services.

Website Banners

Bold, beautiful banners are stand out features on your website that give visitors an immediate impression of your website and can make the difference between them clicking through to your products and services or hitting the ‘back’ button and heading to a competitor’s site. We design banners – for positioning in the header, footer, sidebars or content of your website – that grab attention and urge potential customers.

Image Graphics

People naturally think visually. That’s why getting exactly the right image graphics for your business is so important. Don’t leave it to guesswork or rely on boring stock images. The graphics experts at Peak Online can help with every aspect of image and graphic choice and placement. They’ll ensure your website has maximum visual impact that wows your visitors and sends out the right message.